Our staff is skilled at managing multi-component pre-construction infrastructure projects. We work closely with our clients, developing turnkey solutions for their communications needs. We also manage the day-to-day service activities, including liaising between client and landlord, to ensure work proceeds as expected and avoids delays, quality issues and additional costs. 

Smartlink manages projects and workflows through our web-based project management tool, SMART Track. SMART Track is a proprietary tool that allows us to develop flexible templates to meet our clients’ task requirements.

Site Development

This offering focuses on the development of new infrastructure and technology for our clients. Services we provide include site qualification, real estate entitlements, regulatory entitlements, jurisdictional entitlements, engineering, and construction management.

Property Services

This offering delivers a range of site services supporting our clients fixed assets. Services include lease renewals, rent reduction initiatives, property surveys, alternative site analysis, regulatory permit renewals, jurisdictional permit renewals, temporary relocation of existing sites and decommissioning of sites.

Technical Services

This product line deals with the installation, integration and commissioning of client equipment. Services we provide include small cell, WIFI and indoor DAS deployments; microwave deployments and backhaul connectivity; installation, integration and commissioning of carrier network equipment.

The experience of our staff gives us the knowledge to propose and implement the right communications solutions, the first time. Working creatively, strategically and quickly, our proven success for our clients has led us to become the primary contractor for many major wireless carriers, tower companies and commercial/municipal consortiums needing assistance in the following areas:

Program and Project Management
Site Acquisition
Land Use and Permitting
Construction Management
Architectural and Engineering Services
Backhaul/Microwave Services
Technical Installation
Integration & Optimization
DAS/Small Cell Deployment

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