From the Locker Room

Hear what our employees are saying about us from our Front Office and Locker Rooms across the nation.

"I was drawn to Smartlink by the opportunity! Over the past two years, I have been fortunate to play many roles in connection with helping to build Smartlink’s New England market. With an ‘All-In’ and ‘Can-Do’ attitude, the sky is just a starting point!”

-    Project Manager,  Marlborough, MA Locker Room

"To quote Aristotle, ‘We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.’ Every day I come to work and am inspired, not just by the individual talent within our organization, but by how that talent (at all levels) come together in support of achieving something greater. And when our CEO, Brendan Kelly, takes the time from his busy day to walk around and say hello to everyone and ask, "How are you? Everything good?,” you know that All-In is more than a motto, it’s truly an excellent habit.”

-    Director of Training & Development, Annapolis, MD Front Office

"The best part about my job is the people that I work with! On a daily basis, they allow me to have full confidence in the work that I do.  The ‘All-In’ attitude that Smartlink promotes is a positive motivator to my team in our success as we set new goals and continue to grow in our market.”

-    Project Manager,  Parsippany, NJ Locker Room

"What attracted me to Smartlink was our unique culture and agile team atmosphere. Change is constant within our industry as technology matures.  When you have a team like we have within Smartlink, changes are seamless. Much like a well-oiled, top-ranked sports team, when you gel with your team, variation is welcomed and adjustments are flawless. As if we are in the final seconds in a playoff game and all we need is the last point to score for the BIG WIN, we move swiftly and quickly to adapt to the industry’s needs in order to support our partners and team members!”

-    VP of Sales, Dallas, TX Locker Room